Benchmark Testing for EOC Tested Classes, Jan. 12th-14th

Taft ISD will be administering Benchmark Tests next week, January 11th through January 15th. We are asking that all students, including Remote Learners, participate in the Benchmark Tests on campus since STAAR testing will only be administered on campus later this Spring. Even though the State of Texas will not issue Accountability Ratings for schools for the 2020-2021 school year, schools and students must still meet State and Federal testing requirements, including EOC graduation requirements.

Below is the benchmark testing schedule for Taft High School on January 12th thru 14th: 

Tues (1/12)--English 1 & English 2  (8 AM to 2 PM--5 hr testing window)

Wed (1/13)--Biology & US History  (8 AM to 1 PM--4 hr testing window)

Thurs (1/14)--Algebra 1  (8 AM to 1 PM--4 hr testing window)

If students are in the following classes, we will be administering benchmark testing on these days to gauge their learning for the semester.  It is highly recommended that students report to campus to for these tests for test validity and security of the testing environment.  Students will be in testing rooms of 10 students or less to encourage social distancing and they will be able to leave campus at the end of the testing window.  This data will provide guidance for our campus to improve instruction as we move forward in the second semester and ultimately to the EOC test in May. 

All other classes (non-EOC tested subjects) will check in to Teams for virtual assignments/check-ins for attendance & grading on these days to allow all staff to assist with campus testing.  Students who report for their benchmark tests will be counted present for the day and their benchmark test will count for a grade for those EOC classes.