Taft High School Resumes Regular Bell Schedule

Taft High School will resume their regular bell schedule starting Monday, October 12th with the school day beginning at 8 AM and ending at 3:54 PM.  All 8 class periods will run on the regular schedule for on campus instruction and virtual learning.  Any student participating in virtual learning will have to check in on Teams for all 8 classes daily for attendance, assignments and any resources that they may need to utilize.  They should also contact their individual teacher for any questions or concerns that they have.
Temperature checks for students will begin at 7:45 AM at the front entrance of the high school each morning.  Parents should monitor their child's symptoms and fill out the COVID Pre-Screening questionnaire at www.taftisd.net.  The regular bell schedule times and class periods are listed below. The student's 5th period teacher and daily announcements on campus will let them know their lunch time.  Lunch deliveries will not be permitted on campus and visitors will only be allowed with administrative approval for educational purposes.  

Taft High School Regular Bell Schedule 2020-2021

Class Period



1st Period

8:00 – 8:56 AM

Breakfast in Class

2nd Period

9:00 – 9:50 AM


3rd Period

9:54 – 10:54 AM

Daily Announcements

4th Period

10:58 – 11:48 AM


5th Period

11:48 AM – 12:18 PM (A Lunch)

12:22 – 1:12 PM (A Class)


11:52 AM – 12:42 PM (B Class)

12:42 – 1:12 PM (B Lunch)

6th Period

1:16 – 2:06 PM


7th Period

2:10 – 3:00 PM


8th Period

3:04 – 3:54 PM